Rover Unveils Custom-Built Tour Bus To Serve As Mobile Radio/TV Studio

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 23RD, 2017 -- Take a breath. You're about to turn pea-green with envy. For over a year, Rove, of the syndicated Rover's Morning Glory' Show, has teased something “BIG” was in the works. At 53,000 pounds, 13 feet tall and 45 feet long, “big” is certainly an apt description of Rolling Glory One, a custom-built tour bus that now serves as a mobile radio and television studio for show based in Cleveland at WMMS-FM. “As we expand our syndication footprint, I wanted a way to be able to visit and interact with fans around the country,” says Rover. “We don’t want to be a show that people think of as coming from another city, we want to broadcast from every city!” Rolling Glory One is completely self-contained. With both satellite uplink and bonded cell connections, the show can broadcast video and audio from any location in the United States.

The advanced technology onboard ensures programs produced on the road are of equal quality to those produced from the show’s main studios, based at iHeartRadio’s WMMS-FM in Cleveland, Ohio. “If we were just producing audio, it would have been a much easier project,” states Rover. “But with RMG-TV, it adds an insane level of complexity.” In addition to having seven onboard cameras, Rolling Glory One also integrates all the cameras from the show’s home studio, allowing any staff remaining in Cleveland during a road trip to seamlessly appear on screen. The bus includes four bunks, a master bedroom, two bathrooms and a shower, so show staff can be on the road for weeks at a time. The entire project was engineered by Rover himself. The tour bus was delivered pre-wired to Rover’s specifications, then he configured and installed all broadcast equipment over the course of four months. “We don’t travel with an engineer,” says Rover. “So it was important that I have a complete understanding of every system onboard Rolling Glory One in case we need to troubleshoot on the road.” Rolling Glory One’s next trip will be to Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio Music Festival September 22-23. PHOTO/courtesy of Rover 1






NIELSEN: More Than Half U.S. Households Are Home To Podcast Listeners


THE MOUTH, AUGUST 23RD, 2017 -- Nielsen has released its first “Nielsen Podcast Insights” report. After making the connection between podcast fans and their purchase behavior, there’s little doubt that podcasts, which have long been un-tethered from the iPod, are a media force to take note of. In fact, more than half of U.S. households are home to podcast fans—that’s more than 60 million homes. And while the reach of this up-and-coming medium grows, many marketers and advertisers have yet to see the connection between podcast engagement and consumer spending. Yes, podcast fans are voracious media consumers who are 7extremely committed to the programs they’re engaged with, but they’re also very influential at the check-out counter of their local stores and retail outlets.

Nielsen recently looked at the correlation between podcast tune-in and category spend by focusing on spending habits of podcast audiences across more than 300 key advertising categories. As the results of the study were too extensive to publish in a single report, highlights from the correlation between podcast audiences and three key categories (bottled water, baby food and beer) have been released in a new report that presents definitive insight. Among the three categories, bottled water has the greatest household penetration, as 104 million U.S. homes (84%) buy bottled water. Of the homes that buy bottled water, 51% are podcast listeners. Drilling down even further, almost 12 million are avid podcast fans. Avid podcast fans are those who consider themselves extremely interested in a certain genre of podcast. When we look at the amount of money these consumers spend on bottled water per year, we see that the podcast audience influences $2.8 billion in annual bottled water sales. More importantly, the avid podcast fan spends more per year on bottled water, making them a more desirable target for advertisers. SEE REPORT HERE






EXECUTIVE ACTION: Chris Wegmann Named VP/MM For Entercom New Orleans

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 23RD, 2017 –– Entercom announced the appointment of Chris Wegmann as Vice President and Market Manager for Entercom New Orleans, overseeing WWL AM/FM, Magic 101.9 (WLMG-FM), 95.7 The Bayou (WKBU-FM), B97 (WEZB-FM), Hot 103.7 (WWWL-AM), and The New Orleans Saints Radio Network. Wegmann, a Louisiana native, is a radio veteran with 40 years of experience managing stations in markets including New Orleans, Austin, Pittsburgh, Houston and Atlanta. Prior to joining Entercom, Wegmann served as President of the Radio Division of Radio One.

“I am excited to have someone of Chris’s background joining Entercom in New Orleans,” said Michael Doyle, Regional President, Entercom. “He started his career in New Orleans, and is returning with an impressive resume of success in our industry.” Wegmann is a New Orleans native and began his career at WBOK–AM, an R&B station, later moving to WWIW-AM, Music of Your life, as General Manager. Wegmann also worked with Dick Oppenheimer’s Signature Broadcasting as General Manager of K98 KHFI-FM in both Austin and McAllen, Texas as well as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wegmann was Regional Vice-President for Gulf Star and Clear Channel, overseeing five markets including New Orleans. In 2001, Wegmann joined Cox Radio in Houston and subsequently was promoted to run the WSB flagship cluster in Atlanta, Georgia.






ON-AIR: Mick Dolan Joins The Lineup At Bud 94.1 Orlando

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 23RD, 2017 – Bud 94.1, Orlando’s King of Rock, which signed on the air July 13 to little fanfare but with lots of bravado, has announced their first air staff member, veteran Orlando rocker Mick Dolan (shown left) . Mick spent numerous years at Orlando’s legendary WDIZ, later at the even more legendary WJRR and then Smooth Jazz WLOQ. Mick joins Bud 94.1 from Salem Media Group.

Bud 94.1 self-described 'Chief of Stupidity and Brazen Catch Phrases,' Len Shackelford commented, “This is the first of many employment searches we’ll conduct for Bud 94.1 - King of Rock. Mick commented, 'Where else would I want to work but at the King of Rock? That’s a rhetorical question. You don’t need to answer. And besides, my car knows the way home". When asked what shift Mick would be working, Shackelford, as usual, seemed perplexed, and stopped petting his ferret. “I don’t know. Something. I’m not even sure if we have one of those long, tubular shaped things you talk into. A micro-chip? No, that’s not it. I guess I should know, being a radio professional.” Dolan began work at Bud 94.1 Monday, August 21st. Bud 94.1 is owned by JVC Broadcasting, is a leading independent, locally owned radio and events company with properties and event venues in Orlando, FL, Long Island, NY, Gainesville-Ocala, FL and West Palm Beach, FL.






BLOG: Are Meet & Greets Due For A Reset?

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 23RD, 2017 –– In one of Fred Jacobs latest blogs "Rethinking The Meet & Greet,' he writes that the often symbiotic but sometimes awkward relationship between radio and records took a crazy turn earlier this month as superstar Taylor Swift and ex-DJ David Mueller sued – and counter-sued – one another in what became a high-profile trial. 'In the end,' Jacobs adds, "the case was really all about what became the most (in)famous meet & greet in the history of these often chaotic backstage events.For KYGO, it certainly was not a win." Jacobs then wondered about the actual value of such events..

"Record labels and artist managers have long used these events as perks for programmers (and other station personnel) to feel good about adding an artist’s records and supporting the concert tour. Obviously, in the case of Mueller vs. Swift (and Swift vs. Mueller), something went terribly wrong in Denver back in 2013. In thinking about why artists do meet & greets in the first place, and what radio truly gets out of them, perhaps a reset is necessary. READ BLOG HERE






Fresno Morning Host Gnarley Charley's Wife Passes Away A Month After They Were Married

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 23RD, 2017 –– Sandra Farris Cliff Fitzgerald, wife of Cumulus' KSKS/93.7 Kiss Country Fresno's Morning host Gnarley Charley, died Monday after a 20-month battle with colon cancer. Charley shared his wife’s passing on social media posting, “My wife Sandra Farris Cliff Fitzgerald passed away today. No more pain. We didn’t know we were making memories we were just having fun!!!”

According to the Fresno Bee, It was roughly a month ago that the couple had gotten married while Fitzgerald was in the hospital due to her deteriorating health. The couple had been together for a few years and was engaged the past two years. A page revealed that Fitzgerald was diagnosed with colon cancer back in January 2016. Charley appeared to react the news of his wife’s passing by posting on social media lyrics to the Garth Brooks song “The Dance.” “Looking back on the memory of The dance we shared beneath the stars above For a moment all the world was right. How could I have known you'd ever say goodbye - And now I'm glad I didn’t know - The way it all would end, the way it all would go - Our lives are better left to chance - I could have missed the pain - But I’d have to miss the dance.” PHOTOS/ Facebook - Charley's last updated profile photo at right.






SNAPS: Shotgun Tom Pays Tribute To Late Jerry Lewis; And Yes, Someone Did Walk Away With That 'Totally Used' Eclipse

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 23RD, 2017 –– Lamenting the loss of comedic great Jerry Lewis, radio's legendary Shotgun Tom writes, "In San Diego and Los Angeles I was one of the Television co-host's of the Labor Day MDA Telethon. We would join other Radio and TV Telethon hosts from around the country and would meet with Jerry Lewis in Las Vegas for Telethon meetings and promotion photos.

The photo at right was my MDA Telethon photo that was blown up and on display at every 7/11 store in 1974. All of us who worked with Jerry Lewis in Radio and Television owe Jerry a tremendous debt of Thanks for letting us help him raise money for Jerry's Kid's,' says Tom - PHOTO/courtesy of Shotgun Tom

-- Meanwhile, with regard to 106.5 The Arch St. Louis solar eclipse promotion, PD Scott Roddy tells Jockline, 'Spencers Neighborhood' outdid themselves with better event coverage than the moon. Listener Kelly from Waterloo won a brand new…a gently used…okay, a totally used 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse when Spencer’s Neighborhood broadcast live from Waterloo in the path of totality! That appears to be Kelly with arms raised behind the car. Morning hosts Spencer and Cassiday are shown in front.

The Arch played an exclusive soundtrack for the entire eclipse including "Moon Dance", "Walking on Sunshine", "Sunglasses at Night" and more! Chris Files shared photos with more than 10k social reach within 30 minutes of totality!





7New Taylor Swift Music On The Way; Seinfeld In New TV Special


Taylor Swift Releasing New Music This Week

[WATCH] Jerry Seinfeld To Star In New Netflix Special

Check Out Forbes' Highest Paid Actors 2017 List

Lorne Michaels Breaks the Record As the Emmys’ New Nominations King

George & Amal Clooney Donate $1 Million To Fight Hate Groups

Check Out This Pop-Up Museum Devoted to O.J. Simpson

Mariah Carey Covers Paper - Sorta

[WATCH] Has Tommy Lee Joined The 'Mile-High Club'

Drita D’Avanzo To Return To VH1 With Snooki & JWoww For New Series 'Celebrity Shore'

[WATCH] Scooter Braun Being Pushed To Run For Calif. Governor

Malolm X Scripted TV Series in the Works

Linkin Park Announce Event to Honor Chester Bennington




NIELSEN: 37% Of Millennials Listening To Podcasts At Least Once A Day

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 22ND, 2017 –– Millennials are often the most stereotyped, yet coveted, group for marketers. The second-largest generation group in the U.S. has now “grown up,” and its consumers have disposable incomes. This provides a plethora of opportunities for advertisers and marketers who are so eager to reach them, as Millennials are highly engaged, using multiple platforms for many hours on a daily basis. In Volume II of Nielsen’s Millennials on Millenials report series, produced and researched by a team of Nielsen Millennial associates, they compiled data and insights about the lifestyles of their peers—who are often the first to recognize emerging trends, technologies and cultural phenomena.

So what drives Millennial media involvement when it comes to music streaming? Millenials are active listeners of music streaming services and are 21% more likely to frequently choose songs than to let the music play without making changes. They also access digital music more regularly than consumers 35 and older. While Millennials are active listeners, they’re 18% more likely to use multiple music apps on a monthly basis. In fact, nearly 60% of Millennials use two or more apps for streaming, compared with only 39% of consumers aged 35 and up.

Millennials Using Multiple Apps for Streaming Podcasts are also popular, and Millennials are no slouch when it comes to their listening habits. Thirty-seven percent of Millennials reported listening to podcasts at least once a week, which encompasses daily use. Additionally, persons 18-34 are almost three times more likely to listen to podcasts daily. For additional information about our Millennials on Millennials series, click HERE



PROGRAMMING: Gene Sandbloom To Exit KROQ

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 22ND, 2017 –– Following a 25-year run, KROQ OM Gene Sandbloom announced via Facebook that he would soon be leaving his longtime post as OM for an eventual move to France. "After 25 years at KROQ, I'll be leaving next week. It's been an amazing run, and throw in Music Director at KIIS-FM, A&R Director at MCA Records and Managing Editor of Network 40 Magazine, that's 35 years in the Music Biz in LA. It's time to move on. I'm off to the Sierras to solo backpack the John Muir Trail from Yosemite to Mount Whitney in September. Then a quick stop in Cuba before I head to France. I'll be picking up an off-road motorcycle when I land, and lots and lots of maps. I can't take up French residency until 2019, so next year I'll be traveling the world looking for my next job. Africa, Asia, Europe, or back here in the States - anything and everything is on the table."

In a staff memo, CBS Radio SVP/Programming Kevin Weatherly commented, "Gene's dedication, passion and tremendous work ethic will be sorely missed. He first came to KROQ as Music Director in 1992. He quickly rose to the position of Operations Manager and took on whatever challenge was thrown his way. He's made so many important contributions to the success of KROQ throughout the years and has always done it with a first-class attitude and approach."

Weatherly added, Please join me in thanking him for all his years of service, loyalty and devotion to KROQ. We wish him much success and happiness as he begins this new chapter." 2




Inc. 5000 Ranks The Mix Group As Fastest Growing Company In Radio

Company Ranks Number 1802 Out Of 5,000 Companies Named Across All industries

MIAMI, August 22, 2017 – The Mix Group’s three-year revenue growth of 215 percent caught the attention of Inc. 5000, which ranks them the #1 fastest growing company in the radio industry. The radio imaging production and voiceover company ranks #1802 out of 5,000 companies named across all industries. For more information on The Mix Group’s ranking and performance in this year’s Inc. 5000, CLICK HERE.

7President of iHeartMedia Networks Group Darren Davis comments, “Our iHeart programmers rave about the quality and consistency that The Mix Group provides; a sound that wins and a team that goes above and beyond to get it done day in and day out. We’re honored to be such close partners with Jason (Garte) and his awesome team.” Founder/President of The Mix Group Jason Garte says, “It has been a tough and painful, yet powerfully rewarding journey growing this dream from a tiny concept back in 2003 into the gold standard for Imaging it has become today. I’m in the deepest of debts and forever thankful to the many personalities, programmers and executives in our stellar radio biz who took a chance in giving us a shot many moons ago and have continued that loyalty and connected bond every sweeper and promo since. Make no mistake, I know how we got here – it’s the duality of my hard working, ultra-talented team, a nd the love and trust from our treasured clients.”

Inc. Radio featured The Mix Group earlier this year. Host Alan Taylor commented on air, “Radio imaging is so important. The beautiful part is you become a partner with each and every one of these radio stations…this is relationship marketing at its best.” Listen to the full interview at Inc. Radio HERE



31 Recipients Complete 'Rising Through The Ranks' 10th Annual Training Program


THE MOUTH, AUGUST 22ND, 2017 –– The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), in conjunction with Broadcast Music, Inc. ® (BMI) ®, and the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group (MIW), announced completion of its tenth annual Rising Through the Ranks Women in Radio Management & Leadership Training Program. Thirty-one scholarship recipients were welcomed at the BMI Offices on August 16-17. Scholarships were courtesy of BMI. Scholarship recipients were selected and awarded by the three organizations. The two-day seminar focused on the specific needs of women in radio management roles and worked to enhance their overall knowledge and skills.

The customized curriculum featured practical and real world applications that participants of the course can put to use in the workplace immediately. The topics included: The Role of Today's Radio Manager, Managing Up and Down, Having Difficult Conversations, Budgeting and Forecasting, Women in the Radio Workplace, Recruiting, Hiring, and Firing, Building Your Personal Brand, and Managing Multiple Generations. “This year’s graduates have left this two-day seminar with a renewed energy, creative management skills and a new found network of peers,” said Erica Farber, president and CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau. “These 31 women now have the necessary tools to lead the business and to inspire others.”



Bob Shannon Issues Updated Edition Of Turn It Up! American Radio Tales 1946-1996

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 22ND, 2017 –– Author Bob Shannon radio career has taken him from Tehren to Phoenix, Boston, Dallas, and to the Pacific Northwest. He's been a disc jockey, a programmer, and a nationally known creative/marketing executive.

Turn it Up chronicles the lives of radio’s most notable personalities from 1946 – 1996. Over 50 influential personalities are featured including: Wolfman Jack, Dick Biondi, Larry Lujack, Rick Dees, Casey Kasem, Ruth Meyer, Alan Freed, Tom Joyner, Scott Shannon, Charlie Tuna, Gary Owens, Bill Mack, Art Roberts, Todd Wallace, Lee Abrams, Jack Armstrong, Bill Mack and many more.

Bob chose August 16th as the release date for a special reason. It’s was the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. Elvis was special in Bob’s career–Bob was the one entrusted with letting the Dallas radio audience know about Elvis’ passing. Order HERE




NETWORKS: GLR Media Networks Teams With talkSPORT For Exclusive U.S. Hispanic Partnership

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 22ND, 2017 –– GLR Media Networks and international sports radio brand talkSPORT announce that they have launched an exclusive partnership for broadcast radio distribution and ad sales representation of the hugely popular English Premier League (EPL) in Spanish. As a result of the deal, which launched the 2017/18 EPL season with Manchester United hosting West Ham, followed by Tottenham vs. Chelsea this past weekend, the EPL is now available for the first time at scale to U.S. Hispanic radio stations, their listeners and advertisers.

“We’ve had a great response from radio stations that want to drive listener engagement with riveting live EPL action, world class players and dedicated programs,” said Jimmy Perez, Vice President of Affiliate Relations for GLR Media Networks. “EPL is a five-star soccer league and we are excited to bring affiliates and advertisers the opportunity to connect with passionate EPL fans.” “The team at GLR Media Networks is exactly what we wanted in a U.S. radio partner,” noted Jimmy Buckland, Director of International at talkSPORT."



YES HE DID! Watch MIX 94.9 Cincinnati's Sandy McIlree Skydive From 13,000 Feet

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 22ND, 2017 –– Following all the hoopla surrounding yesterday's total eclipse, we thought you'd enjoy this video of MIX 94.9's Skydive with The Sandy Show’s Big Eclipse Trip. Sandy was looking for listeners who wanted to see the eclipse from 13,000 feet aboard a plane.

During yesterday's eclipse, Sandy did indeed take the leap and it's definitely worth watching. From the moment he and his rider jumped from the plane (inset top left), all the way to his safe landing (inset bottom right). And, of course, there's Sandy mid-flight making it look easy in the middle - NICELY DONE! WATCH HERE





Ellen K Posted 'Best Mix For The Eclipse'

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 22ND, 2017 –– While we're at it, here's yet another look at how radio peeps made the most out of this week's eclipse, KOST FM LA's Ellen K was inspired to promote 'The Best Music Mix For Your Eclipse' - Graphic provided courtesy of Ellen K - created by Craig Rogers



7Google May Be Building Smart Headphones Says Report


Google May Be Building Smart Headphones Says Report

Taylor Swift Slides Back To Social Media With Cryptic Post

...Katy Perry Claims She 'Hasn't Heard Anything' From Swift About Ending Feud

Pearl Jam’s New Concert Film, Let’s Play Two, To Receive Theatrical And Telecast Releases

Bohemian Rhapsody Casts the Other Members of Queen

Martina McBride Announces 2017 Christmas Tour

Bill Cosby Hires Former Michael Jackson Lawyer Tom Mesereau

[WATCH] Jerry Seinfeld and Jerry Lewis recently filmed an episode of Comedians in Cars

CNN Follows NBC With Launch Of Its Own Daily News For Snapchat

Action Bronson To Host Snapchat Dating Show, Late-Night Show For Vice




Radio Rev's Up For First Total Solar Eclipse Visible In U.S. In 38 Years

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– Looks like a busy day on the radio for both those covering today's solar eclipse and others just making the most from the occasion, the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 38 years. Among the numerous eclipse events taking place around the country, here are a few worth noting. iHeart has created it's own 'Eclipse Party Radio.' Included is Channel 955’s Mojo In The Morning Show. Although Detroit will have about an 80% view, they'll mark the occasion by giving listeners a chance to win a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse. In Chattanooga, TN, KISS FM listeners will hear exclusive interviews from Chattanooga Zoo’s animal caretakers about the animals’ eclipse reactions. Poughkeepsie, NY’s Q92 will hold a contest to see if listeners can guess how many times the station plays "Total Eclipse of the Heart." - Visit HERE for more details.

Over in Milwaukee, It's an Eclipse of 102.9 The Hog! (top center). When the eclipse hits Milwaukee at 11:53am, THE HOG will mark the moment with the reverence, awe, and historic respect it deserves by playing an iconic masterpiece from Milwaukee’s favorite sons – The Violent Femmes’ Blister In The Sun. And then we’ll play it again and again and again until Milwaukee reaches maximum darkness approximately 90 minutes later. The first listener that is able to sit through all of the plays of the song and is able to call in with the correct count of plays will win $1,000. See The Total Eclipse of THE HOG video at

Last week, Jockline told you about MIX 94.9's Skydive with The Sandy Show’s Big Eclipse Trip! Sandy has been looking for listeners who want to see the eclipse with us from 13,000 feet aboard a plane. Then when the peak of the eclipse happens, you’ll leap from the plane and enjoy a once in a lifetime view of the solar eclipse while skydiving! No one’s going to have a better view than you!

If you want eye-witness coverage right from the path, ABC News Radio will provide live coverage anchored by ABC News correspondents Aaron Katersky and Cheri Preston from New York. They will be joined by ABC News correspondent Alex Stone in the path of totality in Lincoln City, Oregon, ABC News correspondent Brad Mielke in the path of totality in St. Joseph, Missouri and retired NASA astronaut William McArthur, who is one of the few people to witness a total solar eclipse from space. ABC News Radio will provide live coverage of "The Great American Eclipse" from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET and will offer multiple status reports each hour.



Jimmy Barrett Joins 740 KTRH/Houston As Morning Co-Host; Alan Hahn Takes Over Evenings On ESPN New York's 98.7

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– iHeartMedia Houston’s Newsradio 740 KTRH announced that Jimmy Barrett will join Houston’s Morning News as the program’s new co-host effective Monday, September 11, 2017. Barrett will join Shara Fryer, Houston’s Morning News anchor from 5 - 8 a.m. on weekdays. Barrett joins Houston’s Morning News from Richmond, VA where he served as the morning host for iHeartMedia’s News Radio 1140 WRVA for 16 years. He’ll replace former KTRH morning host Matt Patrick who passed away in early July after a lengthy and heroic battle with cancer. “Jimmy has a big voice, a big heart and big shoes to fill,” said Bryan Erickson, Director of AM Programming for iHeartMedia Houston. “It’s impossible for anyone to replace Matt Patrick and we all know that. I think Matt’s audience will embrace Jimmy as we move forward from what has been a very difficult time.”

-- Alan Hahn will begin hosting evenings on ESPN New York 98.7FM starting today, Aug. 21. Dave Rothenberg to Become New Co-Host of Humpty & Canty Beginning Monday, Aug. 21, ESPN New York 98.7FM’s Alan Hahn will host The Alan Hahn Show – weekdays 7- 10 p.m. ET. The re-named Humpty & Canty will continue to be hosted by Rick DiPietro and Chris Canty alongside new co-host Dave Rothenberg. Rothenberg, who has hosted The Dave Rothenberg Show weekday evenings, will join Humpty & Canty Tuesday, Sept. 5. The Saturday edition of The Dave Rothenberg Show will continue from 9 a.m. – noon.



Christie Drops Out Of Contention For NYC WFAN Job; Rude Exits The Fan Atlanta

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– Gov. Chris Christie has pulled himself out of contention as a sports radio host on WFAN NYC, he said Sunday. This was in response to a NY Daily News report that he had been informed he was no longer in contention for a job currently held by Mike Francesa who will leave at the end of the year. According to USA Today Christie called the story "completely incorrect." Christie, who leaves office next year, has been a regular fill-in to co-host the morning "Boomer and Carton" show in recent years, but he began to audition this summer in the afternoon slot as one of a handful of candidates known to be in contention to succeed Francesa. Christie said in a statement issued by his spokesman on Sunday that he was approached by WFAN three weeks ago to do additional shows with other potential co-hosts. "After considering the other options that I have been presented with for post-gubernatorial employment, I declined their request to do additional shows. Christie added, he would be happy to continue to fill in for Boomer when asked and when available.

-- Atlanta Sports Talk 680 and 93.7/The Fan has decided to part ways with Christopher Rude after 15 years as the morning host reports The AJC's Rodney Ho. Chris Dimino and Nick Cellini will remain with a new name to be unveiled next month, according to David Dickey, who runs the station. The show for many years was called the Rude Awakening, even after Dimino and Cellini joined the show following their departures from the now defunct 790/The Zone. “I did not renew his contract,” Dickey texted Ho. “Chris [Rude] did a great job for us and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”



EXECUTIVE ACTION: Mary Ellen Marcilliat-Falkner New Head Of HR For CMG

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– Cox Media Group (CMG) has named Mary Ellen Marcilliat-Falkner as its new Senior VP & Chief HR Officer, beginning Sept. 11. She succeeds Karen Bennett, who was named as Cox Communications’ new Executive VP & Chief HR Officer last month. “Mary Ellen is a proven Cox leader, with over 20 years in the Automotive business, and she brings with her a strong understanding of our Cox values, most importantly that our employees are truly our most valuable resource,” said CMG President Kim Guthrie. “Cox is a special company that develops its people internally. This fosters an environment where we can promote our most talented leaders from within.”

"I am thrilled to join Cox Media Group and to work alongside Kim Guthrie and the respected CMG leadership team,” Marcilliat-Falkner. “As a long-time Cox employee, I have always admired our award-winning media brands and the unprecedented connection those businesses have with their communities and their customers.” She added, “I look forward to helping the company win with its people in this changing media landscape." At Cox Automotive and Manheim, Marcilliat-Falkner held roles of increasing responsibility in People Strategies and Finance.



Jacobs Media And Public Radio Group Team For Millennial Research Project

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– The Public Radio Program Directors Association (PRPD) released the findings of the Millennial Research Project (MRP) at this year’s PRPD Content Conference in Washington, DC. The PRPD conducted the project with Jacobs Media. Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media, noted the MRP is a unique ethnographic look at a key segment of the audience: “We immersed ourselves into the lives of a dozen Millennial public radio listeners. We spent a full day with each of them, from the time they woke up, through their workday, and back at home, observing their media and lifestyle activities. This project speaks volumes about media, journalism, politics, and the perceptions of Millennials. . The MRP was in the field from August 2016-February 2017. The research subjects were spread over ten different markets (St. Louis, Phoenix, Austin, New York City, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Grand Rapids, and Charlotte). The key findings include:

There is no Millennial archetype – As with all groups, facile generalizations are dangerous and the study found that to be no less the case for this massive cohort.

Public radio is loved, but expectations are high – MRP participants are consuming a great deal of public radio and value the current aesthetic, but are also looking for a more direct and incisive style of journalism.

News access declines during the day and they’re OK with bite-sized packages – In the smartphone-dominated lives of these participants, the leading edge of news consumption shifts to social media as the day progresses and, with it, a willingness to track the key stories in smaller packages.

Podcasts are important and will grow in importance – Media choice, variety and control are central themes in these cohort’s lives so it is to be expected that podcasts are a highly attractive option. Public radio that is diverse and locally rooted is highly valued – MRP participants, and Millennials, in general, are an extremely diverse, locally engaged group and expect the same from their public radio station.



STUDY: Who's Really Listening To Your Podcast?

NuVoodoo & Amplifi Media To Co-Present 9,000 Millennial Podcast Study During Anaheim Event

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– Steve Goldstein, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Amplifi Media, and Leigh Jacobs (R), Executive Vice President, Research Analysis, NuVoodoo Media Services, will present these new research findings, along with insights and video highlights of dozens of one-on-one interviews of Millennial podcast listeners at the Anaheim Marriott on Thursday, August 24, at 11:00 a.m. during the Podcast Movement annual event.

Amplifi Media and NuVoodoo Media Services will show results from primary quantitative – and video from the qualitative – research and share insights including: What podcasts they listen to; · Which devices they use; · Which apps they use; · Whether they download and listen later or “stream” right away; · Number of podcasts they listen to each week; · Whether they listen all the way through podcasts; · How they find new podcasts; · What they think about the ads in podcasts; · Where they listen to podcasts.




EVENT: Eric & Kathy Kids Event Delivers $1,001,556 For Children's Hospital

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 – 101.9fm THE MIX/WTMX Chicago raised $1,001,556 for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago during its 18th annual fundraising efforts. In celebration of their eighteenth year of raising money for the children and families at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, MIX Morning Show host Eric Ferguson along with Melissa McGurren and Whip hosted an unprecedented five-day movement, Eric & Kathy’s Kids for Lurie Children’s that aired the week of August 14, 2017. They capped off the week with a live broadcast and check presentation in the Crown Sky Garden on the 11th floor of Lurie Children’s.



Famed Comedian, Actor & Telethon Host Jerry Lewis Passes Away At 91

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– Publicist Candi Cazau revealed that Lewis died Sunday morning of natural causes at age 91 in Las Vegas with his family by his side. Lewis dealt with many health issues over the years, including type 1 diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis and a chronic lung disease. “I’ve worked under the most painful conditions any man has ever felt in his life,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2014. “But when I walk out on that stage, the pain goes away.” (read more below in Popline).

Known for his slapstick routines, Lewis became an undeniable force after teaming up with Dean Martin in 1946. Lewis later starred in more than 50 films with iconic rolls in “The Nutty Professor,” “The King of Comedy, “The Bellboy” and more. To millions, Lewis was known as the emcee of the “Muscular Dystrophy Telethon” for decades. Through his fundraising efforts, he raised nearly $2.5 billion by the late 2000’s. With 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for TV and another for film, and a lifetime achievement award given by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the comedian will continue to make the world laugh for years to come. Today, we remember Jerry Lewis. (clip)

In his memory, Benztown has created an audio tribute of the legendary comedian and humanitarian free for use - CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO



Radio Great Kevin Fennessy Passes Away

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 21ST, 2017 –– We were saddened to learn of the passing of radio great, Kevin Fennessy, who passed away this weekend. Kevin's brother, Richard P. Fennessy, posted on Facebook earlier in the week, "I was afraid this bad news was coming. Kevin contacted me last weekend after I sent him a card in the hospital and we chatted the day before his final illness. This, a blessing to me. It was a privilege to know and be mentored by Smilin' Irish Kevin Fennessy. A talented and hard working broadcaster with many years of service to his communities. A loss long to be felt."

His friend Jeff Katz wrote: "He was one of the mast naturally gifted and talented broadcasters who ever lived. In fact the Fennessy family has given us some incredible talents including Richard P. Fennessy and Ed Fennessy. I was in awe listening to Kevin when he was on the air in (WFIL) Philadelphia and was amazed when I finally got to work with him years later in Atlantic City - May his memory always be a blessing. Following past stints in Baltimore, Philadelphia & Buffalo, Fennessy most recently lived in Florida where he worked in sales.



7Friends, Fans Mourn Deaths Of Jerry Lewis & Dick Gregory


Hollywood Mourns Death of Jerry Lewis

Fellow Comedians, Celebrities Remember Dick Gregory

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The 'Mooch' Hires 'Fifteen Minutes,' Hollywood PR Firm




Kathy Hart Breaks Silence; Says ‘I Fully Intend To Be Back On The Air’

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 18TH, 2017 –– With nary a word in nearly 4 months, Kathy Hart, one-half of the top-rated Eric and Kathy Show on WTMX/Chicago, finally broke her self-imposed silence and thanked those who have supported her during her long absence. According the Chicago media blogger Robert Feder who has covered the story closely says Hart’s contract is up in December, and Hubbard lawyers are in talks with Hart’s agent, Steve Mandell, on resolving the matter. The show continues to draw top ratings with host Eric Ferguson and a cast that includes Melissa McGurren, Brian “Whip” Paruch, John Swanson and Cynthia DeNicolo (shown L-R)

Feder says during her absence she had not communicated with Ferguson, their co-workers or listeners, nor had she responded to requests for comment from the media. In a three-paragraph statement she emailed Thursday, Hart acknowledged that her long silence was “uncharacteristic,” adding: “I trust from the many years of our connection, you will support and respect the personal nature of why I have been off the air. . . . I have always considered The Mix and our listeners as family, and want to express my infinite gratitude to everyone who has reached out to me personally and supported me publicly.” Feder says her absence has been especially notable this week during “Eric & Kathy’s Kids,” the 18th annual radiothon to benefit Lurie Children’s Hospital. “It has been challenging, mentally and physically, to be away for this long, especially on days like Friday for the live broadcast from Lurie Children’s for ‘Eric & Kathy’s Kids,’” she said. PHOTO/



KLAQ El Paso's Buzz Adams Off The Air Indefinitely After Motorcycle Wreck

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 18TH, 2017 –– Popular KLAQ-95.5 El Paso morning host Buzz Adams won't be back on the air for awhile as he recovers from serious, but not life-threatening injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday evening. KLAQ issued the following statement below:

Wednesday evening (Aug. 16), Buzz Adams, host of the popular Buzz Adams Morning Show, was involved in an accident on a motorized bicycle. Buzz suffered serious, but not life-threatening, facial injuries. The necessary repair and recovery period will keep Buzz off the air indefinitely. In the meantime, the Buzz Adams Morning Show will feature some golden moments from recent shows. The remaining show cast, Lisa Sanchez, Brandon Coates, Joanna Barba, along with the various cast of characters who regularly appear on the show, will supply the audience with the latest, news, Rock News, Hollywood Buzz, and the usual shenanigans. We wish Buzz a speedy recovery and you can expect regular updates while the world awaits his return sometime in the not too distant future.



EXECUTIVE ACTION: iHeart Names Keith Hotchkiss President North Ohio Region

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– iHeartMedia announced that Keith Hotchkiss has been named Region President for North Ohio, effective immediately. As Region President, Hotchkiss will be responsible for iHeartMedia’s business in the region, which includes the Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Lima, Ashland, Mansfield, Marion and Defiance markets. He will report to Tom McConnell, President of the Midwest/Southeast Division for iHeartMedia.

Hotchkiss joins the region from iHeartMedia’s Virginia-Carolina Region, where he most recently served as Regional Senior Vice President of Sales. He began his career at iHeartMedia Cleveland, where he spent 15 years working as an Account Executive and later General Sales Manager at WMMS-FM and WAKS-FM. In 2014, Hotchkiss joined iHeartMedia Charlotte as Director of Sales and was promoted to Market President the next year. He is a graduate of Ohio University. “My first job in radio was as an intern at WMMS-FM in Cleveland more than 20 years ago, so the Cleveland market and I have a long history,” Hotchkiss said. “I’m looking forward to serving the communities in the North Ohio region, and to working closely with our advertising partners to help grow their businesses.”



PROGRAMMING: Cumulus Taps Chris Clare As Program Director for WNNF/NASH FM 94.1 Cincinnati

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 18TH, 2017 –– Cumulus Media has appointed Chris Clare as Program Director for WNNF/NASH-FM 94.1 in Cincinnati, OH. Clare leaves 99.9 The Wolf/WTHT-FM in Portland, ME, where he was Program Director, for his second stop in Cincinnati, having previously been on-air at Star 96.5/WFTK-FM. He’s also programmed and worked at stations in markets including: Indianapolis, Denver, New Orleans and Pensacola. Keith Mitchell, Operations Manager, Cumulus Media-Cincinnati, said: “The team here in Cincinnati is excited for Chris’ arrival in September and the wealth of country experience and enthusiasm he brings to NASH-FM.” Mitchell added: “Knowing Chris is an avid runner, the NASH team will be rooting for him when he runs the Flying Pig marathon!”

Clare said: “I want to thank Mike McVay, Charlie Cook, Dave Crowl and Keith Mitchell for this opportunity. I look forward to working with them to achieve the goals that have been set for WNNF. I also want to thank Lee Kinberg, Massimo Rossati, Mark White and Stan Bennett at Binnie Media for everything they've done. Now, I have to remember how I like my chili!?”



ON-AIR: Miguel 'Mijo' Irizarry Joins Power 96 Miami Lineup

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– Miguel “Mijo” Irizarry will join the air staff of CBS RADIO’s Power 96 (WPOW-FM) in Miami beginning Monday, August 28. He will host weeknights from 7:00 PM to Midnight. The announcement was made by Rob Morris, VP/Programming, CBS RADIO Miami and PD of Power 96. Mijo replaces Ivy “Unleashed” who was elevated to afternoon drive host, Monday-Friday, 2:00-7:00 PM, last month.

Mijo commented, “Excited doesn’t begin to justify the feeling of joining such an incredible team at CBS RADIO Miami and Power 96. Mil gracias to Rob and Will Calder [Power 96 APD/MD] for allowing me to become the newest member of such a super talented group!” “We searched the country far and wide to find the perfect fit to continue the Power 96 Miami legacy!,” added Morris. “We can’t wait to get Mijo down here, on the air, in the streets and under the palm trees!” Mijo joins Power 96 from Hot 104.7 where he hosted afternoons and also served as the station’s music director, imaging director, including web graphics, and mix show coordinator. Prior to that, he was with Wired 96.5 in Philadelphia where he hosted nights. He began his radio career at Hot 106.3 in Providence in 2010.



HONORS: Entercom Named A Finalist For Prestigious 2017 Acquia Engage Awards

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 18TH, 2017 –– Entercom announced it has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 Acquia Engage Awards in the Media and Entertainment category. The Acquia Engage Awards recognize the amazing sites and digital experiences that organizations are building with the Acquia Platform. The winners will be announced at the Acquia Engage event in Boston on October 16-18, 2017. In 2016, Entercom began the process of building a digital platform, “Frequency,” to provide new websites and functionality for all its radio stations. The result has been a new face of digital for the local brands while providing a state of the art content management system.

“This recognition is exciting for Entercom and especially the Digital Services team that works tirelessly to provide a modern day CMS,” said Amy Van Hook, Director of Digital Operations, Entercom. “Our goal was to have a best-in-class platform to inspire our content contributors to create more content and a front-end experience to engage with our fans” More than 200 submissions were received from Acquia customers and partners, from which 80 were selected as finalists. Nominations that demonstrated an advanced level of visual design, functionality, integration and overall experience have advanced to the finalist round, where an outside panel of experts will select the winning projects.



Sun Broadcast Group Tops 500,000 Mark With Shazams

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 18TH, 2017 –– Sun Broadcast Group headed by Jason Bailey (R) has hit a milestone of 500,000 Shazams on their exclusive Shazam for Radio platform over the past 12 months. These half million Shazams translate to 700+ experiences, 200 markets, and roughly 10 million impressions outside of the Shazam app itself. Over the last 12 months, Sun has seen incredible results with Shazam for Radio. A half million Shazams, a 90% unique user base, and close to 2 minutes time spent within an experience.

Compared to the average US user, the Shazam for Radio user is significantly more engaged. Shazam for Radio user clicks through to YouTube 202% more, streaming 182% more, sharing 437% more, buying 279% more and interacting with other content 485% more than the average US user. Not only can Shazam for Radio track individual listener behaviors, but it gathers additional key data points across all media outlets to build unique profiles on each user such as music, TV, and movie interests. The Shazam for Radio service is currently widely available to over 1,000 stations across multiple groups such as Alpha Media, Beasley Broadcasting, Hubbard Communications, Cumulus, and CBS in addition to syndicated shows including The Hit List with Fitz, The Fitz Show, Little Steven’s Underground Garage and Slacker and Steve. For more information on Shazam For Radio, contact Danno Wolkoff at Envision Networks. (216) 831-3761 or



[LISTEN] Howard Stern Hijacks Beth Stern's Call Into Scott Shannon Show

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– Looks like WCBS-FM New York's Scott Shannon's latest ratings has drawn the attention of most everyone, even the King of All Media, Howard Stern. During this morning's show, Stern's wife Beth | | rang into the show to wish her best to Shannon when Stern interrupted the call to offer his own congratulations to his longtime New York radio cohort - LISTEN HERE



7Twitter Partners With Weather Channel To Live Stream Eclipse


The Simpsons Welcomes Exorcist Director to 'Treehouse of Horror XXVIII'

Twitter Partners with The Weather Channel To Live Stream Eclipse

[WATCH] 'The Jetsons' Live-Action TV Comedy in the Works at ABC

[WATCH] Ed Sheeran, Miranda Lambert, Norah Jones Set for 'Austin City Limits'

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Last Chance To Ever Eee David Letterman Approaching

‘MTV Unplugged’ Plots Fall Return With Shawn Mendes

Taylor Swift Makes 'Generous' Donation to Mariska Hargitay's Foundation for Sexual Assault Survivors




WABC Morning Co-Host Receives Death Threats After Criticizing Trump On Fox TV


THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– Eboni K Williams, co-host with Curtis Sliwa on their 77 WABC New York Curtis & Eboni Show, tells Variety in an interview on Wednesday that her personal website, which usually receives an average of 10-15 emails after each segment, was inundated with over 150 emails, only three of which were anything other than “seething, scathing” takedowns. This comes after her appearance on Fox News where she aired her grievances with President Trump on “The Fox News Specialists.” In her “Eboni’s Docket” segment she criticized the President for failing to specify white nationalist groups in his condemnation of the violence that occurred at Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

Williams is now being escorted to and from the building when she arrives to work says Variety. Many of Williams’ critics took issue with their perception that she didn’t address the role of the counter-protesters in the violence that occurred at Charlottesville in her “Docket” speech. Eboni, who replaced Ron Kuby on WABC in June, began her radio career in Louisiana and later joined the FOX News Channel. She also served as a CBS News correspondent, HLN contributor and talk host for KFI AM640 Los Angeles.




EXECUTIVE ACTION: Way Media Names John Scaggs President/CEO

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 – WAY Media has appointed John Scaggs as its new President & Chief Executive Officer. He succeeds Bob Augsburg, who founded the organization 30 years ago with his wife, Felice. Augsburg is retiring from his day-to-day role to take the position of Founder/President Emeritus. Scaggs has previously held various roles such as Administrative VP/Engineering at Morningstar Radio Network and various technical sales roles for Wegener, Wide Orbit, Dalet, Harmonic, and most recently, Vice President at

Scaggs commented, "Years ago, the board and the Augsburgs together mapped out a succession timeline and began praying about the successor. This included Bob and Felice, as the ministry founders, changing roles and moving back to Nashville to be close to family. We were blessed with a number of strong candidates to consider, and are thrilled to bring aboard a new leader with such a rich history both in the field of media and technology and with the organization."



PROGRAMMING: Bill Black And Theodore ‘Big Bink’ On The Rise At Radio One; Jay Dabhi Adds MD Duties At AMP NYC; Danni Bruns Rises To OM For Cumulus Memphis

7THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– Radio One announces two promotions from within its Programming Department. Bill Black (TL), the current Operations Manager for Cleveland and Cincinnati picks up Columbus, giving him Ohio regional programming oversight of the urban powerhouse markets. And Theodore ‘Big Bink’ moves to Indianapolis as 7Operations Manager. Bill Black will be adding to his role as Operations Manager the Columbus cluster: Power 107.5 FM, Magic 95.5 FM, Joy 107.1 FM, and Boom 106.3 FM. Bill has had a stellar career in broadcasting. Beyond his midwest experience, he has worked at five radio stations in the southeast region including WXVI, WZHT, WXFE, WHXT, and WHTA Theodore ‘Big Bink’ Turner is moving from Radio One Columbus to Indianapolis as Operations Manager for 106.7 FM WTLC, AM 1310 The Light, Hot 96.3 FM and Boom 102.9 FM.

-- Jay Dabhi (R) has been promoted to music director at CBS RADIO’s 92.3 AMP Radio in New York. Jay also hosts the station’s weekday afternoon mix show and often broadcasts live on Saturday nights from the metro areas hottest nightclubs. Jay reports to both Jim Ryan, SVP of programming for CBS RADIO, based in New York, and Michael Martin, SVP of programming and music initiatives for CBS RADIO, based in San Francisco. Martin also has format oversight of the company’s 16 Top 40 stations.

-- Cumulus Media announces that it has promoted Danni Bruns, a native Memphian and 21-year industry veteran, to the newly created position of Operations Manager for Cumulus Media-Memphis’ four-station cluster. In her new role, Bruns will oversee operations for KIX-106/WGKX-FM, 98.1 The Max/WXMX-FM, 103.5 WRBO, and 98.9 The Vibe/WKIM-FM. She will continue to serve as Program Director of 98.1 The Max and will also continue to co-host 98.1 The Max’s Afternoon Drive show, Bruns said: "I want to thank Morgan Bohannon, John Dimick and Mike McVay, who really made this new opportunity a reality simply because they believed in me."




PODCAST: Jim Ballas Promoted To Executive Level At PodcastOne

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– PodcastOne has promoted Jim Ballas to Vice President, Technology and Operations, effective immediately. In Ballas’ expanded role, he will oversee network digital initiatives and sales operations, including the website, app, dynamic insertion, virtual reality and reporting metrics. Jim will report to CEO, Jim Berk. “Jim Ballas has been with PodcastOne since its earliest days, and his leadership in technology and sales operations has well-earned him a place on our executive team,” said PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz. “

Prior to joining PodcastOne, Ballas managed a sales operational team at radio syndicator, Premiere Networks. He has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.




Beasley Teams With Sonicai To Advance Listeners' Alexa Use

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 – Beasley Media Group announced the company is making it easier for listeners to play its radio stations’ streams and access on-demand content at home and at-work with innovative multi-command skills for Amazon Echo smart speaker systems. SonicAi, the partnership between mobile developer jācapps and Amplifi Media, is designing these skills in collaboration with the Beasley’s programming team. These skills represent more than just a way to play the station stream, highlighting specific station features. They will be heard across most of Beasley Media Group’s 63 stations over the upcoming months.

Beasley Media Group has enjoyed recent success with the launch of the Amazon Echo technology at WMMR-FM in Philadelphia, providing voice access to station content when Echo users simply say, “Alexa, open MMR”. After a welcome from station morning team Preston and Steve, users can listen to the station live, hear that day’s Preston and Steve podcast, or the popular “Bizarre Files” segment with just a simple voice command.

“Innovation in the smart speaker device space is critical for Beasley and our industry as a whole,” said Meyers. “I’m excited to be partnering with SonicAi to extend the reach of our brands across the company and open up new opportunities in this space.” “Beasley is a company that ‘gets it’ when it comes to digital,” stated jācapps Chief Operating Officer Bob Kernen.




Unidentified Man Arrested After Taking Woman Hostage At Dutch Radio Station


By Graham Mack

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– An unidentified man has been taken into custody after taking a woman hostage at a Dutch radio station. The man threatened a female employee of of 3FM Radio in Hilversum, southwest of Amsterdam. According to The Daily Mail, the woman was forced into the building where the man held her hostage. Early this morning the man was arrested and the woman attended to by paramedics 7

The incident follows the departure of DJ Giel Beelen, who announced on Wednesday that he was leaving the station after 19 years. The media park (shown)in Hilversum, home to many Dutch broadcasters, has been tightly guarded for years, since populist Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was gunned down in a car park there in 2002. PHOTO/twitter@niekfroma

--Manchester's Key 103 breakfast co-presenter Gemma Atkinson will be taking part in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, the British version of Dancing With The Stars. Gemma is the first radio presenter to be announced for the show – joining former The Saturdays singer Mollie King, EastEnders actor Davood Ghadami and This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford. In previous years, BBC Radio 2 lunchtime presenter Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills and Heart presenter Mark Wright have all taken part in the BBC 7One show. Read more and see Gemma’s video HERE

AM Deathwatch UK; BBC Local Radio Dumps AM - Ten BBC local radio stations which simulcast on AM and FM will lose AM transmitter in January 2018. BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey, Humberside, Wiltshire, Nottingham, Kent, and Lincolnshire will no longer be accessible on AM, BBC Radio Devon, Radio Lancashire and BBC Essex will reduce their number of frequencies. The BBC says it knows the changes will have an impact on some listeners but encourages them to listen on FM, DAB, Freeview or online instead.

'Radio Dead' Comes To iHeartRadio Australia - iHEARTRADIO AUSTRALIA has partnered with U.K. broadcaster STEVE PENK, to create the world’s first radio station that only plays music by artists who have died. Inspired by the music he loved, U.K. broadcaster PENK created and launched RADIO DEAD and now he has brought it exclusively to iHEARTRADIO across AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

Want to connect with Graham? Reach him at +44 7752 416905. Twitter: @GrahamMack Web: Email:




Benztown Makes 'Honor Role' Of Inc. 5000' For 5th Year In A Row

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 –– INC 5000 has named Benztown to its exclusive “Honor Roll” of Inc. 5000 companies, in recognition of its designation as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the fifth consecutive year, an exceptional feat. Fewer than one-tenth of all Inc. 5000 honorees ever achieve this milestone through a consistent high-growth trajectory that places them on the elite list for five years or more, putting Benztown in rarefied company.

Inc. magazine released its 2017 Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies today. Benztown increased sales 524% since the start of 2011, with sales increasing by 47% since 2013, placing it at number 4773 on this year’s list of Inc. 5000 companies. The Inc. 5000 is an exclusive annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, ranked according to percentage revenue growth rate over a three-year period. Companies must have generated at least $100,000 in revenue in 2013 and at least $2 million in 2016 to qualify for the listing. T

Mike McVay, Executive Vice President, Content & Programming, Cumulus Media and Westwood One, and longtime Benztown customer, said: “Benztown has been on Cumulus’ ‘Honor Roll’ of best-in-class providers of professional audio production tools and services for several years now, and for good reason: They consistently provide us with the highest quality audio products with exceptional customer service, and their creativity, talent and response time are unmatched. We congratulate Chachi, Andy and the entire Benztown team on being named to Inc. 5000’s Honor Roll as one of America’s fastest growing private companies for five straight high-growth years.” Dave “Chachi” Denes, Benztown President said: “This was all made possible thanks to the support of our friends in the Radio industry and we share this honor with them as they continue to grow with us. As a token of our appreciation, we want to buy you a pizza so you can celebrate with us! We will have a pizza delivered to the first 100 people to email us at For more information about Benztown and its products and services, visit, or call Masa Patterson at (818) 842-4600.



MIX 94.9 Cincinnati's Sandy Show Takes A Skydive In Its 'Big Eclipse Trip


Skydive with The Sandy Show’s Big Eclipse Trip! Some people are driving 4 hours south to get closer to the solar eclipse… but we’re going to literally put you closer than anyone else. It’s The Sandy Show Big Eclipse Trip! We’re looking for adventurous listeners who want to see the eclipse with us from 13,000 feet aboard a plane. Then when the peak of the eclipse happens, you’ll leap from the plane and enjoy a once in a lifetime view of the solar eclipse while skydiving! No one’s going to have a better view than you! Enter below right now for the chance to hop on board The Sandy Show’s Big Eclipse Trip and enjoy a front row seat to the solar eclipse! Thanks to (From You must be over 18 to participate. There is a weight limit of 235 lbs.) Hurry, the deadline is Friday, August 18th at 3pm.



[WATCH] Following Court Loss, David Mueller Takes His Case To TV & Radio


THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– Following this week's court defeat, David Mueller still insists he's innocent of groping Taylor Swift. “What I’m saying is I didn’t do what they said,” the former KYGO told ABC News’ Clayton Sandell in an exclusive interview. “I never grabbed her. I never had my hand under her skirt and I can pass a polygraph.” He added, “I wasn’t invited to be in the photo. I just moved into the shot the best I could.” He told Sandell, “I asked for something in writing which stated that there was a misunderstanding," Mueller said. "And I can take that to possibly convince someone at a radio station to hire me." When asked if he wanted no money and just the note, Mueller said, "Absolutely." The jury voted on Monday after four hours of deliberation to award Swift the $1 she filed for in the civil court case. WATCH HERE

7On Tuesday, Mueller returned to radio with a call-in to the107.7 The Bone's Lamont & Tonelli Show. Lamont, who said he first met Mueller, known on the air as Jackson, some 15-years ago. He asked, 'Give me the parameters around this, what exactly happened at the meet and greet where Swift accused you of groping her)? David Mueller: We stood in line, we eventually made it to the point where you go into a tented off area, it’s about 10 x 10. My girlfriend went in first -- she went in first and she said hi, I said hi. Taylor shook our hands. The two ladies started talking and I kind of stood near where we came 7into that tented area and abruptly Taylor said, ‘How bout a picture?’ and she put her arm around my girlfriend and pulled her tight and turned her toward the photographer. That’s when I realized ‘Hey were going to take a photo right now’ and I tried to get into the photo. No one said anything, no one did anything. By the way, there was a 350-pound body guard standing two feet away from me. No one said anything, then they thanked us for coming, shook my hand, they gave me a couple autographed headshots."

Mueller later revealed "In civil court, there are certain things…I can’t talk about. For instance, I submitted myself to two polygraph tests. Two, independent polygraph tests and I passed them both. You can’t mention that in civil court or it’s an immediate mistrial. To everyone listening, all those people out there that are sending you hate mail, just listen to this: I passed two polygraphs, what else can I do? If anyone has an idea for me, how I can prove I’m innocent, I’ll do it." Lamont asked, "Did you accuse her of lying during the trial? "I’m not going to make accusations. I can tell you right now if you want to look at my motive, what’s my motive? I had a great career. You guys knew me 15 years ago, I’ve been building my career since I met you guys, and ‘I’m going to walk into a tent with my beautiful girlfriend and a 350-pound body guard and I’m going to grope a celebrity?’ That’s insanity, that makes no sense. LISTEN TO COMPLETE INTERVIEW HERE




Amy Dash to Contribute To CBS Sports Radio And WFAN

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– Emmy Award-winning Legal Correspondent Amy Dash will begin contributing to CBS Sports Radio and WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM and Sports Radio 66AM as a legal analyst. Amy will be a featured guest across the popular shows on CBS Sports Radio. “I am thrilled to contribute to CBS Sports Radio and WFAN, working alongside the station’s top-notch talent, producers and management,” said Dash. “I am especially looking forward to bringing legal straight talk to passionate sports fans. A high profile case can sideline an all-star on championship day or incite a national dialogue about patriotism and civil rights. The law is its own sport and fans who understand it can help shape the future of the game. I hope audiences will join me in debating the biggest cases in sports!”

“Now more than ever it’s the right time to add a legal analyst to keep CBS Sports Radio listeners informed of the latest legal issues affecting the teams and players we report on, follow and celebrate,” added Eric Spitz, Director of Programming, CBS Sports Radio. “Amy will offer her keen insight and commentary on everything from breaking legal news involving professional and college athletes to fantasy sports. We’re excited for her to provide this additional level of coverage.” 1




Beasley Media Group Unveils Company-Wide Community of Caring Initiative

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– Beasley Media Group announced the unveiling of a new company-wide “Community of Caring” Public Service initiative that will run throughout the 7organization’s 63 radio stations. The initiative will consist of several aspects. A rotating PSA series will be aimed at shining a spotlight on important issues impacting our communities. In addition, Beasley Media Group will host specific “Day of Caring” events throughout the year in which teams, made up of employees from each market, will adopt specific non-profit organizations within the communities they serve and volunteer during company supported work hours over the course of the year in an effort to make a difference for those in need.

“As a company, we take all of these issues very seriously,” said Caroline Beasley, Chief Executive Officer of Beasley Media Group. “The rotating PSA and social media campaigns, combined with our Day of Caring events across all of our markets, underscores our company’s strong commitment to making a difference in the communities we serve.”




NETWORKS: Kix Brooks Countdown Show To Switch Ranking Source To Billboard Chart

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– Westwood One and Billboard announced that they have joined forces as American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks will utilize Billboard’s Country Airplay chart to run down the week’s top songs in the U.S., beginning the weekend of September 9-10. The pairing of American Country Countdown (ACC) and Billboard is a return to the show’s roots as Billboard served as the chart source for the program for more than 35 years, beginning with ACC’s inception in 1973.

“We could not be more excited to have Billboard’s country radio chart back on the air, exclusively with American Country Countdown,” says Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard’s vice president of Charts and Data Development. “Our partnership with Kix Brooks, a chart-topping legend himself, and the Westwood One team, will give country fans everywhere unparalleled insight into the week’s biggest country songs.” Brooks said, “Having ACC and Billboard back together is long overdue. American Country Countdown was established on the Billboard chart information in 1973, so I’m thrilled that we were able to reestablish that history and relationship.”




HONORS: Five Broadcasters Honored By TAB

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– The Texas Broadcasters honored five industry leaders during it TAB’s Annual Awards Gala in Austin last week.. A Lifetime Achievement Award went to Wendell Mayes, Jr.Wendell Mayes, Jr. - Pioneer of the Year – Bob White, Corpus Christi - George Marti Award for Engineering Excellence – Errol Coker, KHCB Radio Network - Associate of the Year – Dan Sessler, RF Specialties. and Brian Purdy (L) was recognized last week by The Texas Association of Broadcasters’ (TAB) as its “Broadcaster of the Year.

"Every day is a terrific adventure working with our outstanding team, who responsibly inform, entertain, serve and protect Texans throughout the state,” Purdy said in accepting the honor. “I wish they all could be standing up here with me right now.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO




PRODUCTS: Comrex Now Shipping Access NX

THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– Comrex is now shipping ACCESS NX, the latest in its IP audio codec line. Customers should contact a Comrex dealer to place an order. ACCESS NX was introduced at NAB 2017. Perfect for a wide range of applications - including ENG, sports announcing, talk show hosting, community outreach, and more - ACCESS NX has been built from the ground up, implementing a decade of knowledge into a brand new hardware platform. New features include an added audio channel and a 5-inch capacitive touch screen. ACCESS NX features CrossLock, Comrex’s custom reliability layer that enables both powerful error correction and network bonding. Rather than simply splitting data between two networks, CrossLock monitors each network in real time and dynamically adjusts network usage based on performance.

Other features: ? Two USB jacks for 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet port, and POTS modem compatibility (POTS modem sold separately) ? Two stereo headphone outputs (¼” jacks) with individual controls ? Digital mixing and headphone busses ? Digital peak limiting ? Field-changeable internal lithium battery with built-in charger (5 hours of power) ? Serial data & four contact closures ? Optional mixer (adds 4 channels) ACCESS NX is compatible with ACCESS Rackmount and BRIC-Link II . To place an order, contact your preferred Comrex dealer



The Arch St. Louis Spencer Show Giving Away 'Used' Eclipse Auto Next Monday


THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know by now that a total eclipse of the sun across America (and specifically, in Missouri and Illinois) is taking place next Monday, 8/21! Sooooooo, 106.5 the Arch is celebrating by giving listeners a brand new…well a gently used…okay, a totally used 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse. First, listeners can have breakfast with Spencer’s Neighborhood and enter to win Monday

In a release, it says The ‘Hood will give you the keys to your 2007 Eclipse, complete with sunroof and CD player with Total Eclipse of the Heart on repeat, when the eclipse starts at 11:30 am! 106.5 The Arch will play THE soundtrack for the Eclipse starting at 12:30 pm on Monday, 8/21/17.



KKLZ's Mike & Carla Show Delivers Over 1,200 Cases Of Water For Salvation Army


THE MOUTH, AUGUST 16TH, 2017 –– Morning hosts Mike & Carla's Project: H2O collected more than 1,200 cases of water to benefit the Salvation Army of Las Vegas. What began as a simple idea by the morning duo of putting the word out via the airwaves that the Salvation Army was in dire need of bottled water, turned into a massive bottled water collection to benefit the non-profit organization.

In addition, 96.3 KKLZ-FM received a total of 500 $50 gift cards from Metro Pizza to give to individuals that donated 5 or more cases as well as received a challenge match from a local car dealership after they donated 100 cases. “When we found out The Salvation Army had run out of bottled water, we simply put the word out and it was great to see KKLZ listeners respond,” said Program Director Mike O’Brian. “Most people think the city is just the Las Vegas Strip, but behind the lights, the marquees, the celebrities, and everything else that goes on, people should know there is a true community spirit here. This was a great example of that!”



7Tens Of Thousands Turn Out For 40th Anniversary Of Elvis' Death


[WATCH] Tens Of Thousands Of Elvis Fans Along With Ex-Wife, Priscilla And Daughter Lisa Marie Join At Graceland For 40-year Anniversary Of His Death

...Why Some Still Think He's Alive

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